The Heartwood Process

At Heartwood Custom Homes we take pride in creating homes that are as unique as the homeowners who help build them.  Our unique design approach creates a building process that helps homeowners truly customize their plan and integrate the types of finishing touches that make the finished home a reflection of the owner.

Our in-house design team helps to bridge the gaps that sometimes are created among architects, interior and exterior designers and builders.  The “up-front” time we spend in this design-build process helps to insure a final design that will yield success in terms of budgets and expectations.

  • Step 1.  Select your home site!  You will feel confident with your selection thanks to our complimentary CAD (Computer Animate Design) service and a personal lot walk with your builder, Jeff Langston.  At this stage, you will need to secure your lot selection with a deposit and a lot contract.  Now, the fun part really begins as you share your “Dream Home” ideas – and, together we determine if one of our select floor-plans will be appropriate – Exterior Sketch Designor, if your design will start with a blank sheet of paper!  our experienced design team is incredibly helpful in this phase.
  • Step 2. Customize It!  Our complimentary plan development services have proven to be a smoother path to making your dreams and desires a reality.  You will work with our award winning design team to bring your home’s personality to life!  Time to start thinking about details – finish, size, color style.  You will receive your complimentary project proposal with budget, finishes and floor plans for your new home project.
  • Step 3. Finalize It! Together we will review all customer computer simulated renderings simulating exterior elevations for front, rear and sides of your home.  Additionally, we will confirm all floor-plans and finishing touches.  This stage requires a non-refundable architectural deposit to Heartwood Homes and is calculated into the project proposal.