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Heartwood Custom Homes ServicesHeartwood Homes

Heartwood Custom Homes Services


Heartwood Custom Homes Services


At Heartwood Custom Homes, we take pride in creating unique home designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.  Our homeowners do not need to settle for “off the rack” house plans, one-man builder shops, or the stress and expense of hiring and coordinating outside Realtors, interior designers or architects.  Rather, Heartwood has brought all these boutique services to you within the Heartwood brand to ensure your peace of mind, ease of decision making, confident planning and the best in home design and quality. Heartwood supplies the following services:


Custom Homes

Interior Design

Renovation and Remodeling

A Heartwood Custom Home is different from the rest. We have everything you need under one roof. Our team is the perfect solution if you are looking build.

Heartwood has a team of experienced interior designers who will help you plan everything from architectural highlights to your interior decorations.

Looking for a qualified team to do some remodeling or renovations to your home? Let Heartwood’s experienced renovations team help with your project.


Ready to get started?


It all begins with our initial free consultation.  You should leave with answers to your questions, and a good understanding of what sets Heartwood apart from other luxury custom home builders.  We trust you’ll feel inspired with possibilities, and after our conversation, you will feel confident that we can turn your visions into reality.


What our clients say about Heartwood:


“My background is that of a commercial developer and builder. And, I understand what it takes to create great value for my clients. Heartwood has created what I consider to be a very high value packaged home for my family. The architecture and uniqueness in design were, and still are, the attraction to the home that I selected.


On the exterior, I looked at the number of architectural articulations and the French curves coupled with the dynamic high pitch roof lines. I am absolutely convinced that the Heartwood designs are far superior to the other homes that I considered. The inside of the home is equally dramatic. The coffered ceiling in the two story entrance foyer is an incredible statement. When you drive by a Heartwood home, there is no doubt that it is a Heartwood product. They stand out! Heartwood provides this feeling at what I believe to be very competitive prices. I am excited with my Heartwood home and the experience that I had with Jeff and Wendy Langston during the process!”


-Frank Eppink