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Custom Interiors With Heartwood Homes

Are you looking for luxury custom interior design, Indianapolis? Look no further. Heartwood Custom Homes has all of the resources you need. We can help you think about your look, style, lighting, architecture and more. Our experience in the industry will help you make your interior design the very best that it can be.


How are Heartwood Custom Homes’ custom interiors different?

Heartwood Custom Homes is dedicated to getting the look you like. We combine your vision with our knowledge to make your dream home a reality. Here are the three main elements that are our focus when we are designing custom interiors:

Architectural Highlights2

Architectural Highlights

You want your home to have pizzazz. It’s why you decided to go custom, right? We build custom architectural highlights to add beautiful interior accents. Whether you want an indoor balcony or arched ceilings with accent beams, we can help you get the interior architectural highlights you want.


Lighting Design1


Lighting Design

We pay attention to lighting. We know where the sun will rise and set on your property and we can leverage that natural light in more ways than you can imagine. We make recommendations about window placement and room positioning because we know a room’s lighting creates mood.

Interior Design Service


Interior Decor

Once we’ve planned your architectural highlights and lighting design, it’s time to decorate. We have an interior decorator in house who will help you get the look you’ve always dreamed about. By the time we are finished, your custom home will reflect your tastes and style perfectly.


When you design with Heartwood, the results are beautiful.


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Remember that sitting down for a consultation is a casual, easy conversation. Think of us as your friend in the custom home industry. We are happy to provide tips, advice, resources and more.


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What our clients say about Heartwood:



“Wendy has a great eye and has helped me integrate existing furniture in our new house in a fresh, and fun way. She is a delight to work with!”

-K.K. Glaser


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