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Custom Home Design Tips, FAQs, and a Free E-Book to Get You Started

Are you thinking of building a luxury custom home, doing some interior design work or getting renovations? If you are thinking about starting a custom home project, you’ve come to the right place. Think of us as a resource… we want to provide you as much information as possible so you can get ahead of the game.


Are you ready to get started? Here are some basic tips for your custom home project:

  • Start simple. Think about what you need first. Draw up a sketch of a potential layout that makes sense for your family. Often, your initial instincts about the layout of your home can tell your builder a lot.
  • Dream. Once you have your needs on paper, think about the elements you want. If you are working on a budget, try to make a list of elements you could take or leave… but remember that a good builder will help you find a way to get what you want while sticking within your budget.
  • Pick a location. Whether you are doing an addition or building a new home altogether, you will need to think about where you will be breaking ground. Involving a builder from the start can help you avoid unexpected issues.
  • Think about light. Too often, customers forget to think about how the natural light will affect the mood and environment of their custom home project. A good builder will help you determine where light will come from at different times of the year.
  • Plan the timing. When do you want your project to start? The time it takes to complete your project will depend on the size and complexity. Be sure to be open with your builder about your ideas for timing.
  • Ask questions. During the course of the project, you will have questions. Don’t hold back. If you bite your tongue until the project is finished, you may be less satisfied with the end result. A good builder will encourage questions about your project.
  • Stick to your budget. A good builder will help you plan carefully so that you can avoid unexpected expenses. Be sure to be clear up front about what your budget looks like so you don’t end up spending more than you originally wanted.


Frequently Asked Questions - Home Builders Indianapolis

What kind of home builder should I be looking for?

You will want home builders in Indianapolis with a diverse skills set and a lot of good connections. Heartwood Custom Homes specializes in full service custom home design, build and renovation. We have a unique approach that is design-savvy, fully comprehensive, interactive and easy-to-navigate.  Heartwood Custom Homes was started by husband and wife team, Jeff and Wendy Langston, over 15 years ago. When searching for a custom home for themselves, Jeff and Wendy grew frustrated with the housing market, which offered them cookie cutter spec homes and a murky complex approach to custom home building.   They asked themselves if there was a better way to build a beautiful new home on a beautiful home site… and the rest is history.

You’ll want a builder with experience, too. Jeff and Wendy have gone on to build over $75 million in new luxury homes in greater Indianapolis.  They’re homes are multi-award winners among the Best of Indianapolis.


How can I stick to my dream and my budget at the same time?

If you have a dream and a budget, you don’t have to pick one of the other. Heartwood will help you find a way to have your cake and eat it too. Simply stated, we offer you the widest selection of professional custom home building services under one roof and within your budget, which means you’ll enjoy the best in home design, home fashions and work quality at the best value.  At Heartwood Custom Homes there’s no need to settle for “off the rack” house plans, understaffed one man builder shops, or the hassles and expenses of hiring and coordinating independent Realtors, interior designer or architects.

At Heartwood you’ll work directly with our staffed of home builders in Indianapolis. This team includes builder, draftsman, project manager and interior designer, who collaborate with you to create and deliver your dream home.   As your single point of contact throughout the entire process, we all speak the same language and we make it easy and fun to realize the home of your dreams.  You’ll never feel pressure to make decisions that aren’t consistent with your homes vision, space requirements and budgets.   Our staffed team works together and in concert with the common goal to bring your dream home to life.

As a premier custom home builder, Heartwood has relationships with trade-only manufacturers that help you stick to your budget.

Many clients take advantage of our access to trade only manufacturers to put the finishing touches on their new home.   Ask about our special client programs. Soft furnishings including window coverings, furniture and accessories. You will:

  • Have inside buying power with major manufacturers for furniture, window treatments, etc.
  • Select finish materials
  • Establish realistic budget parameters
  • Be in control of purchasing and logistics

If you are still worried about sticking to both your dream and your budget, sit down and talk with us. We can help you plan the home you’ve been dreaming about.


I have a lot of questions about my project, but I'm not ready to get started just yet. What now?

Ask away! Schedule a consultation with Heartwood so we can get those questions answered. We believe preparation for your initial visit with us makes your experience more productive.  Once your visit is on our schedule, we’ll send you our lifestyle and home inventory questionnaire for you to complete and return.

We like to suggest that you gather and bring inspirational pictures from magazines or websites to share.  We like Houzz.com and Pinterest.com which are free and easy sites to navigate.  You’ll find thousands of images and inspirational photos there, which will help us to quickly understand your style and preferences for your new home.  You can also take a look at our gallery to get ideas there, as well.

As a result of our meeting , you’ll have a roadmap for how Heartwood will take you from concepts and sketches to building plans to budgeting and construction management.

From this meeting, we typically move into home site evaluation and preliminary complimentary floor plan designs.


How long will my custom home project take?

The time it takes to build your home will depend on the size and complexity of the project. We are a boutique, white glove custom home builder, which means that while we take our time to get things done properly, we also know how to be efficient.  We advise that our homes on average range from 5- 9 months to build.  Keep in mind the design development phase is not assumed and can add 2 – 3 months from concept to permitting. If you are wondering about time frame, feel free to schedule a consultation with Heartwood. We can look at your ideas and give you a ball park idea of how long your project might take.


How can I avoid unexpected expenses as my project unfolds?

With good planning. From the first time we sit down and talk, Heartwood believes in giving you a great home that fits in your budget. Our bids are highly accurate and transparent as we create the plans and specifications together.  Historically, we’re within a range of   +/- 5 % of the final projects firm price. We are able to say this because we plan alongside our customers with meticulous care.  At Heartwood, our process and services are complimentary – we ask only for your time.  Over the years, we have found the relationship we establish with you and our team in plan development lays the foundation for our project and is well worth all of our time. Also, it helps that all of your building needs are under one roof. Heartwood provides custom home building, interior design and renovation services.


How do I find a lot for my custom home?

Let us help you! Our passion is finding the ideal property for our clients and then building the perfect home for their lifestyle.

Whether you have a growing family or an empty nest, are a long-term resident or have never even visited, working with Heartwood Custom Homes, ensures that you’ll get everything you want from your new home and your new neighborhood!

We’ll help you select the best fit for your project:

  • Find the perfect lot/teardown
  • Obtain necessary permits for city zoning
  • Develop a site plan to maximize lot coverage, site lines, natural light and backyard size
  • Handle the entire teardown process to minimize waste and disruption to the neighborhood, and maximize re-use/donation of materials


How can I make sure my custom home project will reflect my personal tastes and needs?

Our collaborative culture encourages communication with you and our team from conception to completion.   These are a few of the areas we’ll focus on for you. Here are some of the steps we take to make sure your home reflects your tastes and needs:

  • We develop a personalized and detailed design objective.
  • You will review and fill out our lifestyle and home guide questionnaire.
  • We integrate green building practices throughout your home.
  • We’ll work together on a complete home design, concept finalization and blueprint development.
  • We have superior AutoCAD and construction drawings created in-house.
  • You will have detailed home specifications, allowances and materials lists.
  • You will have a final, firm and global proposal – unlike risk shift – cost plus
  • You can count on quality project and construction management.


What should I think about for the interior design of my custom home project?

Our specialty is new home construction interior design.  We’ll embrace your personal style to transform and incorporate your vision into your new Heartwood Custom Home.  Our team approach ensures that our designers are steeped in new construction and are on target with each facet of your home – nothing is lost in translation.

Heartwood clients enjoy these included interior design services:

  • Floor plan, electrical plan, and reflected ceiling plan review
  • Furniture Layouts and home furnishings inventory review
  • Frequent site visits and owner updates
  • Finish material selection for exteriors and interiors
  • Lighting layout and design
  • Custom built-ins
  • Implement and oversee punch list process


Are you ready for a free consultation?


Now that you have a better idea of what is involved in a custom home project, you might want to think about sitting down for a free consultation. If you would like to learn more about our interior design services, feel free to learn more about our interior design services.


Heartwood Custom Homes is your friend in the custom home industry.


Remember that sitting down for a consultation is a casual, easy conversation. Think of us as your friend in the custom home industry. We are happy to provide tips, advice, resources and more.


FREE E-Book: Tips For Building A Custom Home


Are you looking for tips on custom home design? Heartwood Custom Homes is here for you. Download our free e-book, which will give you a detailed overview of the building process. Get tips on site selection, financing, planning and more.


What our clients say about Heartwood:



“We had a wonderful experience building our “forever home” with Heartwood Custom Homes. Jeff and Wendy Langston are both extremely knowledgeable and personable…they made building such an enjoyable process! Jeff was always available to answer questions, and he immediately addressed any concerns we had. Wendy is a talented designer, and she helped us make our house feel like the home we wanted it to be. The Heartwood staff and the sub-contractors were all professional and courteous. There were no surprises when it came to deadlines or the budget, as Jeff was careful to manage these expectations. We would highly recommend Heartwood Custom Homes to anyone looking to build in the Indianapolis area.”

-Leigh Stella


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