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The Indianapolis custom home builders at Heartwood make new construction, interior designs & renovations easy.

Whether you need custom home design, interior design or renovation, Heartwood makes the process easy. At Heartwood Custom Homes we take pride in creating homes that are as unique as the homeowners.  Our unique design approach creates a  process that helps homeowners truly customize their plan and integrate the types of finishing touches that make the finished home a reflection of the owner. Our in-house design team helps to bridge the gaps that sometimes are created among architects, interior and exterior designers and builders.  The up-front time we spend in this design-build process helps to ensure a final design that will yield success in terms of budgets and expectations. What does that mean? It means we have everything you need right in our office. Custom home design, interior design and renovations have never been easier.


Are you thinking about working with Heartwood? It’s easy.


1. Plan

2. Customize

3. Finalize

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You will feel confident with your selection thanks to our complimentary CAD (Computer Animate Design) service. Whether you are building a custom home, doing interior design work, or performing renovations, you will have a personal visit from your builder, Jeff Langston.  Now, the fun part really begins as you share your dream home ideas. Together we determine if one of our select floor-plans will be appropriate – or, if your design will start with a blank sheet of paper! Our experienced design team is incredibly helpful. Our complimentary plan development services have proven to be a smoother path to making your dream home a reality. You will work with our award-winning design team to bring your home’s personality to life! Time to start thinking about details – finish, size, color style.  You will receive your complimentary project proposal with budget, finishes and floor plans for your new home project. The best part about Heartwood’s customization process is that we have all of our knowledge and resources in house. Together we will review all customer computer simulated renderings simulating exterior elevations for front, rear and sides of your home. Additionally, we will confirm all floor-plans and finishing touches. This stage requires a non-refundable architectural deposit to Heartwood Custom Homes and is calculated into the project proposal. From here, we will dig into our project and you will be able to see all of our hard work come to life. Your custom home, interior design or renovations will be finished before you know it.


It all starts with a free consultation.

Now that you have an idea of what the process looks like, you might want to think about sitting down for a free consultation. Heartwood has a team of Indianapolis custom home builders that is dedicated to getting your project just right. Are you wondering what a consultation works? We make it easy.


Now that you have an idea of the process, how can we help make your project easier?

Did you know that we do more than just luxury custom home design? Our team of Indianapolis custom home builders offers a full range of boutique, white glove services, so no matter what your needs are, Heartwood is there to help. We have all the services you need under one roof.


Custom Homes

Interior Design

Renovation and Remodeling

If you have been dreaming of building a custom home, but haven’t found a team that fits your needs, Heartwood is here for you. Our custom home builders will be there for you from the moment we draw the plans to the day we hand over the keys to your dream home. Whether you need an experienced decorator or you’d like to add architectural features to your living space, Heartwood’s interior design team is here for you. We specialize in interior design that reflects your personal tastes. We know that your home should reflect your tastes. Are you looking for renovations and remodeling? You love the home you have, but maybe you need an addition or you would like to revisit the way your living space is laid out. Whatever your renovation and remodeling needs, Heartwood is here to help.


What our clients say about Heartwood:


“I have worked with Wendy on several projects. She is a joy to work with and creates rooms that have such personality and make you want to take in every detail. The value she brings her customers and the amazing results of her design process is wonderful.

-Caryn O’Sullivan


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